Does Prosper have an app?

Yes! We actually have multiple apps:

Personal Loan

Use the Prosper: Personal Loan App to apply for a personal loan in minutes with no impact to your credit score. Or, if you’re an existing user, then you can use the app to easily access your account and do any of the following:

  • Schedule payments, enroll in AutoPay, and review payment history with ease
  • Download payoff quotes directly to your mobile device
  • Update personal information quickly and conveniently

You can find the Prosper: Personal Loans App on iOS and Google Play.


Now you can manage your Prosper investment portfolio on the go, using the Prosper: Invest App.

  • Set up, review, and adjust your target portfolio allocations using our Auto Invest tool
  • Invest manually by browsing and selecting from individual loan listings
  • Add cash to your Prosper investment account in one-time, weekly or monthly increments
  • View details on each Note you’ve invested in, at a glance
  • View your total gain/loss to date
  • See how your investments have impacted the lives of borrowers across the country
  • Keep tabs on how your portfolio is performing

Note that you must have an active Prosper investor account to use this app. You can setup your Prosper investor account on the web at

You can find the Prosper: Invest App on iOS and Google Play.

Prosper Card

The My Prosper Card App makes it easy for cardholders to track and manage their payments among other features that include:

  • Access to a digital line of credit before receiving the physical card
  • A simple way to review payments and easy-to-see available balance
  • A streamlined way to review (and dispute) transactions, all within the app

You must have an active Prosper Card account to use this app.

You can find the My Prosper® Card app on iOS and Google Play.


We don’t yet have an app that supports HELOCs through Prosper. Stay tuned!