How do I transfer funds to and from my investment account?

You can transfer to and from your Prosper investment account in the following ways.

ACH Transfers


You can transfer funds in and out of your general investment account with an ACH transfer when signed into your online Prosper Account.

  • To protect against fraud, the initial transfer to your Prosper account can take up to 5 days to become available before you can invest. After you establish an investing account history, your account may qualify for instant transfers, which will allow you to invest the transferred funds immediately.


Each month, the first withdrawal from your general investment account can be any amount you’d like, but each additional withdrawal requires a minimum of $25. There are no fees to transfer funds in or out of your Prosper account.

  • Depending on your bank, it can take 1-5 business days for a withdrawal from your Prosper account to arrive in your bank account.

Wire Transfers

Deposits Only

You can transfer funds into your Prosper investment account with a wire transfer, but we do not offer wire transfers for withdrawals.

Individual Retirement Accounts

To transfer funds for your Prosper IRA, please contact your custodian, Millennium Trust Company, by calling (800) 258-7878 or by visiting

Can I deposit and withdraw funds by check?

No, we do not accept or issue checks when transferring investment funds.