When will my investment account become eligible for Instant Transfers?

If you have an established account history with Prosper, you may qualify for instant transfers. ACH transfers can take up to 5 business days to become available in your account, which can delay your ability to invest until the funds arrive. Alternatively, qualifying for instant transfers gives you immediate access to the funds you transfer into your account.

Your account automatically becomes eligible for an instant transfer when it meets the following qualifying criteria:

  • Your transfer amount is not less than $25 and no more than $1,000.
  • The total amount that you’ve transferred instantly from your bank account to Prosper over the last seven days does not exceed $1,000. If you have instantly transferred any amount to Prosper in the last seven days, the amount eligible for instant transfer today will be $1,000 minus the amount previously transferred.
  • You have at least one active Note in your portfolio.
  • Your Prosper account doesn’t have a negative cash balance.
  • You’re scheduling the transfer for “today.” Instant transfers cannot be scheduled for a future date, these transfers can only be scheduled for the same day.
  • You’re organizing the instant transfer online or over the phone. Instant transfers cannot be scheduled through the Prosper Invest app

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