What happens after I make my investments?

After you place your investment, the loan request will remain active until the listing reaches full funding. If full funding is not reached by the 14th day but at least 70% of the listing is funded, the borrower still may receive a loan.

The borrower’s loan request will remain in a Pending Review status until Prosper completes the verification process and approves or cancels the application. Verification can take a maximum of 30-days for completion.

When a loan is approved, the borrower will receive their loan minus the loan origination fee (i.e. $10,000 loan with a $500 origination fee will result in a deposit of $9,500 to the borrower's account, but they're expected to pay the full $10,000 balance).

Investors will receive a borrower payment dependent Note, and interest begins accruing on the loan origination date.  If the listing is cancelled prior to origination, or expires after the 30 days, the funds committed by investors will return to their Available Cash balance within five business days.