How do I invest in loans using my Prosper account?

There are four ways to invest using our platform:

  • You can search for individual loans and manually invest by clicking “Invest Now” on any loan.

  • You can use the Auto Invest tool, which will automatically invest in loans that meet your specified criteria. You can create balanced allocations using Prosper’s risk ratings. Auto Invest also allows you to specify additional criteria for loan term, employment status, debt-to-income ratio, public record status or co-borrower status. Over time, the Auto Invest tool will build your portfolio according to the target allocations you have set.

  • You can manually create a standing Recurring Investment order, which allows you to automatically invest in loan listings that meet your specified loan listing criteria. Please note, this option is only available through our website and is not available through the Prosper Invest mobile app.

  • Developers can invest using our Investor API. For more information, please visit the Prosper for Developers