Can I invest through Prosper using an individual retirement account?

Yes! You can invest through Prosper using an Individual Retirement Account. Whether you're contributing to an existing traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SIMPLE or SEP-IRA, planning to open a new IRA or rollover your account from an existing custodian, we will work with you to open your Prosper IRA.

To set up an IRA, please select the "Individual Retirement Account (IRA)" account type when signing up.


Annual Service Fee

Like our General Investment Accounts, we charge a 1% annual service fee on IRA’s.

Prosper will reimburse up to $50 of Prosper's preferred custodian* fees if, at the end of each year, your Prosper account contains the following account balance (which consists of both uninvested cash and Notes):

  • At end of Year 1 - $5,000
  • At end of each subsequent year - $10,000

Prosper will not reimburse any third party custodian fees except those for Prosper's preferred custodians.

Prosper reserves the right to change the fee reimbursement policies or terminate the fee reimbursement program at any time. Prosper will notify you via e-mail of any changes in these reimbursement policies prior to any changes.


*Prosper's preferred custodians are Millennium Trust Company and AltoIRA.