Where can I view my Notes and their payment histories?

To view a breakdown of your Notes and their payment histories, sign into your Prosper Account and access your Notes by selecting “See Notes Portfolio” on the “Your Investments” tab. Select the Note ID to see the Note details.

To help you better understand the Note details, the following is a list of terms and how they apply to the Note details:

  • Active Loans: Active Loans means loans that are current in payments or delinquent less than 120 days. Loans that have paid off, charged-off or are in default are not considered active.
  • Amount Delinquent: The sum of past due amounts owed by the borrower.
  • Bankcard Utilization: The sum of the balances owed on open bankcards divided by the sum of the cards’ credit limits.
  • Co-Borrower Applications: Applications that are approved based on the credit information for both or either Co-Borrowers. To learn more about Co-Borrower Applications, please review our Prospectus and Help Center.
  • Combined Debt/Income Ratio: The sum of each borrower's monthly debt payments (accounting for any duplication), and the Prosper monthly payment (assuming this loan request originates), divided by the sum of each borrower's stated monthly income.
  • Combined Stated Monthly Income: The sum of each borrower's stated monthly income.
  • Current Delinquencies: The number of accounts of the borrower that are currently late. This includes accounts with charged-off balances.
  • Current/Open Credit Lines: The number of open or closed accounts in the borrower’s name that the borrower is paying on time, and the total number of open accounts.
  • Debt/Income Ratio: The sum of the borrower’s monthly debt payments, and the Prosper monthly payment (assuming this loan request originates), divided by the borrower’s stated monthly income.
  • Delinquencies in Last ~7y: The number of times the borrower has been more than 90 days late with a payment in the last 83 months.
  • Effective Yield: Effective Yield is equal to the borrower interest rate: (i) minus the servicing fee rate, (ii) minus estimated uncollected interest on charge-offs, (iii) plus estimated collected late fees, (iv) plus estimated post charge-off principal recovery.
  • Estimated Loss: Estimated loss is the estimated principal loss on charge-offs.
  • Estimated Return: Estimated Return is a measure of potential returns on invested principal, and is equal to Effective Yield minus Estimated Loss.
  • First Credit Line: The date when the oldest account on the borrower’s credit record was opened.
  • Has Mortgage: An indication whether the borrower has an outstanding mortgage on their credit report.
  • Historical Return: Historical Return is an annualized measure of return on principal received from loans originated through Prosper. It is based on actual payments (other than principal) received by the investor net of fees and losses.
  • Initial Status: The initial status represents if a listing started in a whole or fractional status. When loans are initially listed, some are available for purchase in $25 increments and some are available to purchase as whole loans.
  • Inquiries Last 6 Months: The number of times a bank or other business has requested the borrower’s credit profile from a consumer credit rating agency, excluding certain duplicate inquiries, as defined by the credit bureau.
  • Investor Servicing Fee: Prosper’s annual loan servicing fee, subtracted from loan payments to the investor. Calculated as: the annual servicing fee divided by 365 multiplied by # days since last payment, then multiplied by the outstanding principal.
  • Loan Modification Programs: In certain cases, Prosper will enter into payment plans with eligible borrowers experiencing short-term hardship. These Loan Modification Programs are focused on maximizing investor return by helping borrowers to bring their loans back to current status and repay their loans to fullest extent possible. Loan modifications may include reductions in monthly payment amounts and extensions of loan maturity dates. If Prosper modifies the material terms of a borrower loan, the updated terms will be available on the Note performance page in your investor account.
  • Monthly Payment: The monthly payment made by the borrower.
  • Prosper Rating: A proprietary rating developed by Prosper allowing you to analyze a listing’s level of risk.
  • Prosper Score: A custom risk score built using historic Prosper data. The score ranges from 1-11, with 11 being the best, or lowest risk score.
  • Public Records Last 24m / 10y: The number of negative public records reported by the credit bureau for the last 24 months or up to 10 years, as applicable. Public records may include bankruptcies and liens.
  • Revolving Credit Balance: The total outstanding balance that the borrower owes on open credit cards or other revolving credit accounts.
  • Stated Income: Borrower's stated annual income range.
  • Total Credit Lines: The total number of credit lines appearing on the borrower’s credit report.
  • TU FICO Range: The range of the borrower’s credit score as provided by a consumer credit rating agency in a recent credit inquiry.
  • Verification Stage: The borrower needs to submit documentation for Prosper to verify. The further along in verification, the higher the Verification Stage and the more likely the loan will originate. The borrower can advance to a higher Verification Stage by promptly submitting requested documents.
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